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How NightWatch Marine Inductively Powered LED’s Work:

Power is transferred through the boat to the light using electromagnetic waves. No wires connect to the light, only to the power transfer puck on the other side of the mounting surface. 1/8 inch to ¾ inch thickness is recommended for best transmission. For 12V and 24V systems.

You don’t have to drill a hole!

About NightWatch Marine

NightWatch Marine Inductively Powered Lights allow boat builders and owners to install new LED lights without drilling holes in a boat. Affixed by the adhesive of your choice, the transmitting puck lies behind the finished surface attached to wiring that connects to the electrical switch panel. The LED waterproof light is glued in place and power is transferred through the mounting surface without holes (IP68).

Thickness of surface will slightly affect the brightness of the light. Lights are an exceptional brightness through power transfer of up to 3/4 inch of fiberglass, wood or other material. Inductive Power Transfer cannot be used through metal surfaces. All lights come with the accompanying transmitting puck as a complete unit.

NightWatch Marine Wired Lights have break away attachment point to minimize water entry if damage occurs. Superior lumens to amps, waterproof, and unsurpassed protection. Some of the brightest underwater lights available.